Wednesday, 26 June 2019

9 reasons which will surely insist you to visit thailand

Thailand is the favorite holiday destination of every person as it has something for everyone. You will get amazed every time with the things that Thailand offers. Also, it is very safe for tourists as the country puts safety at best in order to maintain a safe environment for tourists. There are many other reasons why millions of people love to travel to Thailand in their vacations:

•    Cheap Transportation

Visitors love to come here as a Thailand tour packages provide affordable airlines, with direct flights available to cities across the country. Also, buses and trains around the country are very affordable.

•    Delicious and Diverse Food

Thailand keeps its food options interesting and offers delicious and diverse food to visitors. Their cuisine changes with the location but you will easily find Thai curry, with a wide selection of salads, noodles, and snacks everywhere. The tastiest, spiciest food in the country comes from street vendors. You can easily find the stalls where the locals are crowding around and eat delicious and diverse food. Whether you have come to Thailand for a few days or one month, you will always enjoy the delicious and diverse Thai food.

•    Beautiful Beaches

Thailand has the most impressive beaches with over 1,500 miles of coastline. Beaches like Freedom Beach in Phuket and Sunset Beach on the island of Koh Kradan has stretches of sand that remain quiet and beautiful especially in the evening. Its beaches are warm, and the crystal clear water will insist you to swim.

•    The Temples

There are many Buddhist temples in Thailand, which attracts a lot of visitors. Visitors visit a temple and to see the structures which date back to all of the different dynasties and reflecting that era’s architectural and construction style. Each province has the majestic wonders and some major cities are Chiang Mai and the lion's share of Bangkok.

•    Special Culture

Many cities in Thailand have modernized with things like urban decor, and Thailand spirituality is not only present in thousands of temple complexes but also in the unique attitude towards life itself. Sukhothai history is found in many art forms such as in traditional Thai dancing or Thai puppetry performances. Visitors love to stay here for more time as they unknowingly feel very calm and special in the Thai way of life.

•    The Markets

The markets in Thailand are completely different as it has its own distinct character. Thailand market attracts thousands of visitors to the items which are for sale. Some markets also include street eats while others are full of antiques and secondhand items. Whatever be the items, visitors never go empty hands from here and always carry different things for their loved ones. Visitors always purchase things which have unique attractions in them. It is sure that you will not find markets like those of Thailand in the world.

•    Language

English is a common language in a few islands of Thailand as people belong to the tourism industry. But while visiting Northern Thailand or other rural areas, there are chances that some people might not be able to understand English. So, it’s better to learn a few basic Thai phrases and words that will help you while traveling.

•    Celebrate Festivals

You are very lucky if you are present in the country on the occasions of festivals and celebration. In Thailand, two festivals Loi Krathong and Songkran are must attend once in your lifetime. Thai people celebrate many festivals which are derived from the religion or from the lunar calendar. You can plan your entire holidays around the festivals in order to attend and enjoy them.

•    Maeklong Railway Market

One moment it is a small authentic market, which has the hustle bustle under umbrellas of the stalls and is scattered along the railway track and at the next moment, the train passes right through the middle of its market. If you want to capture this amazing experience then the train market opens from 6.20 am to 5.40 pm.

There is no shortage of accommodation in Thailand, but the prices are different. You can stay while camping in the parks, in a bungalow, or in a luxurious villa, prices will vary accordingly. So, book cheap Thailand tour packages to get the best accommodation at less price.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Pubs, Bars and Clubs in Thailand

World’s best destination for vacations is in Thailand. Thailand is world known for its Pubs and clubs which attract millions of visitors year by year. Let’s peek inside these pubs and clubs.

Girly Bars: These are the normal beer bars in Thailand. Once you come inside, just take a chair to sit and don’t expect any seven to eight girls will come to accept your order as in American bars does, but here only one girl come for your order. Once you are sipping your beer you will find seven to eight girls trying to find your attention with their smile or with other gestures and this will continue until unless you select any of these girls. And that particular girl comes and sits beside you and you can offer her a lady drink which is usually costlier than your own drink! Well, it’s not that necessary just like tips are not necessary to the bell boys! Or you can just enjoy your beer while looking at your surround by. This is all about Girly bars in Thailand.

Soi 6 and Soi 7: These are the most overcrowded place of girly bars. If you go there before 6 O’ Clock then you may find some peace, peace is like you can have a beer with your liked girl on the stone benches and can have some fine chit chat with her and enjoy the lovely weather but after 6 in the evening this place becomes overcrowded. And as per the crowd girly bars will put hundreds of more girls to counter the visitors.

Maggi Choo’s: It is a restaurant cum bar. Choice of the people who didn’t like many crowds. It has a luxury leather sofa of golden and some luxury sofa of the color yellow. There is some contemporary painting of Thailand. Place is known for its best beers. Girls are also less but better than girly bars. You can spend your quality time here. Again you can share your drink with the girls. Light music from the background will increase the richness of the atmosphere.

The Iron Fairies: This is the best bar known for its interior which is made of rusted iron and old aged timber furniture’s. It will make you feel of an ironsmith’s workshop. The in house music is best. The beer here is not only of Thai but some China’s and Japan brands are also available.

HOBS: It’s the House of Beers.  This place is purely for the beer lovers. You will find a good combination of cocktails and delicious food. Some famous singers and magicians also share the stage on weekends.

Sweethearts Bars: These are the most famous bars in Thailand. Known for its chilled beer. You can beat the heat of all day shopping from these bars. You can enjoy your beer with the stage performances.

The Beach Bars: Thailand is the country of beaches. Enjoying of beaches will be enhanced if bars are co-aligned here, to answer this beach bars are opened on a number of places near beaches. You can enjoy a number of fresh seafoods with chilled beer and awesome wines with your loved one on these beaches. The beautiful views will increase and uplift your mood and your Cheap Thailand tour packages will become worthy tours you ever had.

Woof BKK: Woof BKK also called as Roadsidedog BKK. It has a special interior of a giant white puppy with black spots. But don’t get afraid it’s just an interior. Here people forgot to drink and eat and often find themselves in taking selfies with this giant puppy. Again chilled beer is having a great taste with the number of great stage shows which keeps your eyes locked while having your sippings.

British whiskey distillery: This is a bar within a whiskey distillery where you can see how the real whiskey is made in front of your eyes. It has that copper pipes and tubes from which raw whiskey comes and goes before finally coming to your glass. Tungsten lights just light up the interior. This is a must and must visit like the place in Thailand.

These are some more of the chill out beer bars in Thailand but many more are yet to be explored. All bars cannot be explored in a single Thailand tour packages.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Avail Exciting Singapore Tour Packages

Tall skyscrapers dotted with lush greenery and florals, streets lined with hawker food, wet markets & their live seafood, and dazzling night markets bustling with high-quality retail; Singapore is a must-travel at least once in a lifetime. Also, Singapore is one of the largest airline hub spots in Asia catering to a vast chain of international and domestic flights. The cosmopolitan style island receives thousands of visitors from around the globe.

Whether you’re a honeymoon couple or a family looking for an awesome vacation, here are some features of Singapore honeymoon tour packages from which you can try and explore.

        Navigating the Jewel of Culture
From Indian to Malaysian, Singapore is a mosaic of various cultures. Our Singapore Tour Packages offer you to witness these cultures in a scheduled fashion. Flexible itineraries, hotel & accommodation, and sight-seeing. Chow down your favourite food or click a photograph at your favourite spot, there are plenty of activities to do!

        Exploring a Gorgeous Skyline
From long walkways to brightly-lighted cityscapes, night markets and doses of waterfronts, Singapore’s skyline has a lot to offer. Our cheap Singapore Packages take you through a night-out across the city which is both relaxing and partying at the same time. Experience the taste of street food in Chinatown or party in a cruise at the beachfront or you can also travel in cart rides available in the night.

        Tours for Shopping Lovers
Singapore is the wonderland of amazing retail supermarkets with furnishings, pottery, fashion, food and gadgets, all available with heavy discounts and flat sales. For all the visitors interested in shopping, we provide shop-exclusive Singapore tour packages. From Chinatown street market to Tekka centre and Bugis, all major supermarkets are included in the packages.

        Customized Family Holiday Special Packages
Whether your kids love to see wildlife zoos, skim board, see the play of dolphins or whether you wish to stroll through the island beaches, we offer fully customized Singapore tourism packages especially designed for your family. 

        Explore the Combos of South East Asian Tours
This is one the best features for travel lovers as well as people who are looking forward to travel South East Asia on a solo basis. Book interesting combos of Singapore Tour Packages in combination with Malaysia and Thailand packages. Simply gather your backpack and get ready for some amazing tours!

        Tours for Two
Whether you wish to have some romantic moments with your better half or simply you wish to traverse the pulse of the city with your partner, we offer a variety of Singapore tour packages and honeymoon packages exclusively for couples.

Best Time to Visit Singapore
Even though there is plethora of Cheap Singapore tour packages available year round, the relatively best time to visit the country is between the months of May and September. Remaining months including those in winters are good too, however there’s a strong possibility that you’ll face heavy rains during this season hence hindering your journey, especially to the cruise ships. Visit Best tours and travels operators in India

Friday, 23 November 2018

Explore the pristine charm of Kerala

Looking for a serene and beautiful place to spend your relaxing Holidays? None other than Kerala stands the perfect destination with the unmatched beauty and breathtaking attractions. It’s time to take a break and unwind yourself planning out for a trip to Kerala. Blessed with the natural scenic beauty amidst the tranquil atmosphere the magnificent city Kerala oozes out the magical charm that captivates a lot of tourists from all the corners of the world. So, pack your bags and get ready to sail to the majestic land of Kerala. Check out the best Kerala Tour Packages online and opt for the one that suits your budget and style.

Coming to Kerala one must visit the pristine backwaters such as  Kollam, Kochi, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Kasargod, Kumarakom and Kuttanad that stands some of the popular attractions in Kerala. Discover the splendor of these tranquil water bodies opting for the traditional House Boats or Harbour Cruises on your Kerala backwater tours.

Bask in the beauty of the striking beaches of Kerala, that stands the perfect holiday destination for honeymooners as well as leisure travelers. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset or the sunrise while you relax along the beach. You can even plan out a stroll on the white sand of the beach to let wet sand slip below your feet.  Add more excitement and adventure to your trip indulging yourself in a  variety of water-sport activities like rafting, sailing, windsurfing and catamaran rides. There are several beaches in Kerala, which are some of the best places to visit during Kerala tours. The unspoiled and long stretches of the Kerala beaches have the alluring coastline. The sandy beaches are marked with rocky cliffs and swaying palm trees. Take a picturesque of the enticing beaches of Kerala such as the Kappad Beach, Kappil Beach, Kovalam Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Beypore Beach, Cherai Beach and Chithari Beach. Book Kerala honeymoon packages online and head for a memorable holiday amidst the natural beauty.

Soak up the adventure planning out a trek in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, go out camping with friends, bamboo rafting to make your Kerala tour, a memorable one. In Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, take a glance of some rare and endangered wildlife from close quarters. The flora and fauna in the region cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The accommodation in the resorts of Kerala is an experience of a lifetime. It is mesmerizing in its own way. Kerala tours to beautiful places in Kerala along with healing spa and ayurvedic therapies are a complete rejuvenating experience. Kerala tours offer the tourists a fantastic chance to discover and enjoy holidaying with families, lovers, and the dear ones. Choose one of the adventure tour packages of Kerala and get ready to spend unforgettable holidays in the lap of Kerala.

If you love mountains, then visit the various hill stations in Kerala, which are at Munnar, Rajamala, Ponmudi, and Ramakalmedu. If you love nature, then go for wildlife safaris and visit the wildlife reserves. Get an adrenaline rush planning out for the Eravikulam wildlife Tours, Chinnar wildlife Tours, and Periyar wildlife tours. Besides the spellbound beauty, Kerala also has a fascinating cultural attraction. Book one of the exciting Kerala Tour Packages and embark on a journey to delve into natural beauty. Don’t forget to explore the religious and cultural sites of Calicut, Mahe, Wayanad, Cheruthuruthy, and Kumarakom. You can enjoy the classical dance shows Kerala and spend some memorable moments. Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Kolkkali, Valakkali, and Tholppavakoothu are some of the major dance forms of this state.

A peaceful escape to the heavenly paradise Kerala, will not only uplift your mood but also melt away all the tensions and worries from your life. From spellbound mountains to luxurious houseboats of calm Backwaters, everything will make you fall in love with Kerala.

An incredible tour to the land of Royal Rajasthan

Thinking where to travel this vacation? Pack your bags and get ready to explore the vibrant city of Rajasthan, also known as one of the popular travel destinations of India. The heart of Rajasthan boasts a unique mix of cultural tourism, wildlife tourism, heritage tourism, village tourism, historical tourism, and lot more captivating attractions.

If you are an adventure lover you can imbibe yourself in a lot of thrilling activities. Don’t forget to explore the wildlife parks & sanctuaries, jeep safari, camel safari, boat riding on lovely lakes, bird watching, and the other adventurous activities that will surely thrill you and fill your heart with everlasting memories. A Sky Waltz Balloon Safari and a Hot Air Balloon will leave you captivated, amazed with a unique experience while you capture a panoramic view of the beautiful landscapes, extravagant forts, and the mesmerizing lakes. Explore the various adventurous packages of Rajasthan and opt for the one that suits your taste and budget. Myriads of the tourists from all corners of the world plan out a visit to India for travel and tourism in Rajasthan. Throughout the years Rajasthan has captivated the world with its magnificent charm and vibrant culture. Popularly known as the land of the Rajput Empire, it flaunts astounding fort architecture, monuments, camel fairs, wonderful local attire, and jewelry, besides a delicious cuisine

Embark on a journey to Rajasthan and start exploring the various magnificent monuments on the first day of your tour. Some of the charming monuments of Rajasthan that will simply bewilder you and bind you with an enchanting experience are the incredible forts, palatial palaces, dramatic havelis, and wonderful temples. The jaw-dropping beauty that lies in the Amber Fort, city palace Jaipur, Lake Palace Udaipur, Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur, City Palace Udaipur, the exotic Kumbhalgarh Fort, and Junagarh Fort attracts a lot of tourists from all the corners of the world. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, stunning Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis of Shekhawati region, Pushkar Temples, Jain Temples are also some of the famous places worth visiting. Soak in the beauty of the stunning hill station, The Mount Abu with the famed Dilwara temple that’s engulfed with the intricate carvings. Book one of the customized Rajasthan tour packages and spend relaxing holidays amidst the beauty of the glorious fort, palaces, and monuments

A trip to Rajasthan would be incomplete without paying a visit to Jaipur, popularly known for its gorgeous semi-precious jewelry, bandhanis, handicrafts, silks and the astonishing Hawa Mahal, besides the Jantar Mantar. If the desert landscape and its whimsical culture captivate you, Bikaner and Jaisalmer are the spots that you must definitely plan out a visit. Rajasthanis have an amazing zeal for life and they are fun loving and live a colorful life. To discover more about their rich tradition and culture visit Jaisalmer, where you will surely enjoy the traditional folk dances, camel rides, with a superb dinner as you capture the breathtaking view of the sunset on the dunes. The colorful Rajasthan is a shopper’s paradise, and people go crazy shopping beautiful trinkets, leather goods, spices to jewelry. If you are pondering what to buy in Rajasthan on your holiday tour, then do visit Bada Bazaar, in Udaipur and collect the exclusive handicrafts, antiques, and lot more things. Besides shopping, catch a glimpse of the beautiful lakes in Udaipur and heritage hotels such as Maharana Pratap Smarak – Moti Magri, Saheliyon ki Bari- ‘Garden of the Maids of Honour’. Since there are countless activities in Rajasthan, you will never get bored coming over here. Avail the best holiday tour packages of Rajasthan checking online and set sail for a journey to this “Rangeelo Rajasthan “.
To make your tour memorable choose one of the exclusive Rajasthan Tour Packages and pay a visit to the enticing Pushkar lake, Chittorgarh Fort, Rana Kumbha Palace, Meera Mandir, Vijay Stambh and Padmini’s Palace. Treat your eyes with the magnificent beauty and splendor of the Pushkar Lake and also get a chance to be a part of the famous Pushkar festival visiting in the time of November. Leave your hectic schedules behind, and get ready to unwind yourself and spend your vacation in the colorful vibrant city of Rajasthan.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Discover the Immaculate beauty of the Taj Mahal

Are you always curious to explore the city’s incredible history and architecture? Quench your curiosity paying a visit to India’s most famous magical monument, Taj Mahal without which your trip to India will be incomplete. Experience the real aura of this white marble monument, that probably reminds us of the most popular love stories of its times.

The charm of this monument captivates people from different corners of the world. Marvel at the striking marble mausoleum from outside, before getting a glance of the interiors. Adorned with the carvings of the beautiful flowers and precious stones, the intricate architecture will simple bewilder you. A cool escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, If you are looking out for relaxing holidays, then visit Taj Mahal, of the golden treasures of our planet. Choose one of the best tour packages and get ready to delve into one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s not only the immaculate beauty, that strikes our mind, staring at Taj Mahal, but also depicts the immense love behind the construction. If you are venturing on a Taj Mahal Tour, make sure to take a glance of the Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daullah's Tomb, Chini Ka Rauza and Sikandra to get a panoramic view of the Mughal architecture and Era.

Plan out your itinerary, selecting one of the popular Taj Mahal trip packages, and get ready to take a picturesque of the three most famous tourist destinations of India that are Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. While you are on the Taj Mahal tour, don’t forget to capture a glance of the iconic monuments like Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, India Gate and many more. If you are a shopaholic person, you can also indulge yourself in an exciting shopping spree while watching the magnificent forts and palaces of the city. Take some time in hand to take a stroll at this old city with its narrow lanes and Mughlai cuisine on the first day of your tour. Check out some of the handcrafted items on sale by the road. On the very next day set out to discover Taj Mahal, the marvelous monument with an epitome of emotions, feelings, love, and separation, that creates an experience of its own kind. The jaw-dropping beauty of this striking monument will simply leave you speechless.

An exotic gateway, for all the romantic souls, The Taj Mahal Tour Packages offers the exceptional saga of love combined with the magical splendor. A trip to Taj Mahal would be incomplete without taking some nice snaps and carry some unforgettable memories while returning home. Well, sunrise is the best time to click nice photos of this dazzling monument when the monument is cloaked in bright golden. But if you want to avoid the sunlight, you can also capture some beautiful photos of this breathtaking beauty after sunset. Make your dreams come true getting a glance of this visceral beauty, and discover the story that lies in its heart. Quickly check out and book exciting Taj Mahal holiday packages, and get ready to explore this divine beauty, to make your journey a worth of lifetime!

Explore the mesmerizing Honeymoon destinations in Kerala

Looking for a perfect romantic honeymoon in a fabulous destination? Well, Kerala stands one of the top honeymoon destinations with its stunning beaches and backwaters. With unparalleled splendor and incredible attractions, Kerala is popularly known as the honeymooner's paradise.

Well, the honeymoon period is one of the magical periods in your life, where you and your spouse spend some precious time together while enjoying the scenic beauty of the place. If you are looking forward to a nature blessed destination in India, then book one of the best Kerala honeymoon packages that suit your budget and style. No wonder, the relaxed, serene environment, amidst the beauty, extravagance that lies in the heart of Kerala will create moments that you will cherish for the lifetime. Blessed with the panoramic beauty and charm of nature, this beautiful state is nestled in the southern part of India.

When it comes to choosing the tour packages in south India, Kerala Honeymoon Packages are the most preferred option for the newlyweds. Almost all the packages are tailor-made and each package promise to provide couples to let them enjoy once in a lifetime vacation in a romantic and memorable way. While you are in Kerala do n’t forget to pay a visit to the breathtaking Munnar hill station, the Alleppey backwater, Kovalam beach, and the beautiful Cochin. The lakes in Kerala truly sensitize honeymoon couples.  Delve into the pristine lakes that are beautifully engulfed by the local flora which truly makes the couples feel the fragrance of romance and love.Fishing and boating are enjoyed by the couples on their honeymoon. Take a glance of some of the striking lakes in Kerala such as the  Vembanad Lake, Lakes of Alappuzha, Pookkode Lake and Ashtamudi Lake. The heavenly charm and attractions of this place will surely bewilder the new weds, and add more romance to their vacations.

Apart from the wonderful Ayurvedic massages that revitalize your mind and soul, Kerala presents an unbeatable experience on a luxurious houseboat sailing over pristine backwaters amongst scenic beauty of the south. Adding to the romantic extravaganza are the beautiful beaches of Kerala that offer an opportunity to celebrate togetherness through exciting water sports, swim and also share coconut water while you and your beloved enjoy the cool breeze. Well, you will spend some wonderful time in Kerala with your beloved, which you will love to treasure and write every single moment spent in this heavenly blessed Kerala.If you are searching out for a dream destination in South India for your honeymoon, Kerala stands the ideal destination to imbibe you with an exotic experience. Book the best honeymoon packages of Kerala to make your honeymoon special and a lifetime experience.   The amazing cruise over the beautiful backwater of Alleppey entices all the honeymooners from every corner of the country. Couples enjoy intimate time of love viewing the natural scenic beauty amidst the blissful environment.

If you are a nature lover, and looking out for a romantic destination, to celebrate your honeymoon what better place can be that of Kerala? Pack your bags and embark on a tour to Kerala, booking one of best Kerala honeymoon packages. The beautiful sun-kissed beaches, the pristine backwaters, and the splendid beauty of Kerala will create the perfect romantic moments for honeymooners that will last forever.