Friday, 20 February 2015

Phenomenal Thailand Holiday Packages from India

This smashing Thailand fascinates a rising chunk of vacationers or travelers with its immaculate beaches, glorious culture and admiring history, gregarious hospitality by the people and salubrious climate creates a unique package of amusement among tourists wishing to unwind or holiday with friends and family.
Thailand travel packages include vibrant and quintessential source of entertainment which begins with a trip to slick and phenomenal craftsmanship of Thai people to freakish islands or beaches you might have ever witnessed before.

If there is anything must not miss. It is a sight in the capital of Thailand, a brewing fact that brings repeated flashes of “Bangkok” before us. It is no doubt a surreal Grand Palace which has been a home of Thai King for many years. The palace is thronged by big bunch of tourists to admire its spectacular architecture. People are advices to dress them decently as the Grand Palace is considered to be of high significance.
Phang Naga Bay north of Phuket is another nail biting experience with thumping heart as you would be exposed to an incredible sight of the world with distinctive features all around. Phang Naga Bay is the sheer limestone cliffs that superbly jut vertically out of the emerald green water far and wide. Tourists flock “James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi” for their recreational and cruising activities in this pristine bay to capture outstanding scenic beauty.

A thrilling adventure tickles your mind when you head with a boat on a tour to Similan islands (mainly West of Kaho Lak). The 90 minutes of short journey by speedboat would serve you scintillating group of rocks off the coast of Phang-Nga. Travellers are enchanted by this mesmerizing presence of island and the water surrounding the Similans teem with tropical fish, colorful coral and serves fabulous underwater visibility.


A trip to Thailand never affords to miss a loveliest visit to Phi Phi Islands (Karabi Province) which is admired one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia. It is just 90 minutes ferryboat ride from captivating Phuket. These stunning islands offer the ultimate tropical gateway, astonishing beaches, lofty rock formations and peculiar turquoise water joining with dazzling marine life. Two magnetic islands “Phi-Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh” would never release you from its confine and keep you feel free-spirited during your visit. The island sparks up when the dark prevails. Bars, pubs, clubs, flocked with youths never land you in boredom.

Simons Holidays not only offers you group tours of Thailand but comforts you and designs individual or couple packages with a combination of other requirements in an intention to intensify your joys to its many folds. We are just few clicks away from you for a palatial encounter.

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