Friday, 6 May 2016

An Enchanting Honeymoon Tour to Mauritius & Dubai

Planning for celebrating your honeymoon at two different destinations can be truly a different experience that can surprise you and bring happiness and joyous moments to your life. It is not surprising; while for honeymooners spending some more time at some of the fascinated destinations of the world is a worthy decision to reach their romance to the upper heights and to enjoy every moment in a way like never before to understand each other. However, budget can be a little bit frustrating point, but it doesn’t matter at all during Mauritius packages or Mauritius holiday package. When it comes to honeymoon tour to some of the fascinated overseas destinations from India or from anywhere else in the world, Mauritius and Dubai (in a combination) would be better in Mauritius tour

A Great Idea of Honeymoon Tour through Combination of Mauritius Dubai Packages
Mauritius Dubai packages are planned for love birds to fly high into the sky of romance and intimacy to have fun all the time and get more time full of privacy. Not to mention amazing culinary experience, luxurious accommodation, sightseeing, wonderful shopping experience and some amazing facilities like spas and massages, adventure tours and a way of living in the most beautiful cosmopolitan areas. Both Dubai and Mauritius are famous for its tropical weather and landscaping beauty full of palm and coconut trees and beaches. 

Mauritius – Made of Honeymooners and Lovebirds
Mauritius has always been the first choice of honeymoon for islands, coral reefs, beaches and to stay in some of the best resorts of the world. Here, vibrant nightlife and adventure tours attract tourists from across the world. You can also plan for Mauritius package that are offered to cover the prime destinations of the world. Island beauty here is incomparable; while tranquility in a combination with spa and resort life will persuade you to give new wings to your romance at beach sides. Spend three to four days here or some more time at least one week to experience local life and the real pleasure of honeymoon. Not to mention vibrant cities that will surprise you and persuade you for spending more time on food in shopping streets here. Local night bazaars also attract tourists. There are numerous spots where you can see couples walking or sitting in romantic mood in Mauritius tour package or Mauritius tourism package from India

 Dubai – The Desert Land Transformed into Vibrant Shopping World and Modern Life
Dubai that was earlier known for its desert land, has witnessed a significant transformation. Now, it is the best shopping destination to bring home all the top brands of clothing, footwear, electronic items and a lot more. The beautiful destination is also known for modern lifestyle and richness of Sheiks that always attract tourists. Don’t miss the chance of camel ride and jeep safari in deserted area that will be an adventure tour experience for you. Here, you will find some of the best shopping malls of the world and some contemporary buildings and architectural wonders. Dubai tour package is truly a dream land to explore for those who believe in modern lifestyle and fun unlimited. 

 Planning for honeymoon tours to Mauritius tour packages or Mauritius holiday packages and Dubai is a good way of exploring some of the wonderful destinations and to enjoy life in a memorable way. Mauritius trip or Mauritius travel packages with Mauritius Dubai tour packages are affordable to enjoy the real sense of Mauritius honeymoon package.

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